Promoting Mobile Apps On Twitter

Promoting Mobile Apps on Twitter

Promoting mobile apps on Twitter has just gotten a lot easier. Twitter has introduced the App Card to help you promote your app to 255M users. Twitter’s mobile app promotion product suite enables you to drive app installs. Using keyword tracking, location tracking, and mobile device detection you can target the exact users you are […]

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Twitter Ads Display Ad

Display Ads With Promoted Tweets For Twitter Advertising

If you are reading this you may be familiar with the world of internet advertising. Historically there have been two popular methods of advertising – text ads and display ads. Text ads are what you would normally see using Google Adwords or even most Twitter Ads – just next. Display ads (often referred to as […]

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Twitter Ads Conversion Tracking

Creating, managing, and targeting ads is only have the equation when running a campaign online. The other half is determining the performance of the campaign which helps you decide which campaigns to keep and which to discard. Or which keywords convert to sales and ones that don’t. To help with this, Twitter has conversion tracking. […]

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Twitter Broad Match Keyword Targeting Example

Twitter Ads Broad Match Keyword

Twitter Ads now supports Broad Match Keyword Targeting. So… what’s that? Broad match keyword targeting has been around for awhile in popular ad platforms like Google Adwords. Essentially it allows you to target a keyword and variations of that keyword. So if you are targeting the term “baby shower”, your ad may show when people […]

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Twitter Ads For Holiday Shopping

Does Twitter influence shopping behavior? Short answer: Yes. Last year holiday shopping conversations on Twitter increased 30% over the previous year. Shopping buzz on Twitter peaks during key shopping dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and steadily up until Christmas. Twitter’s influence on holiday shopping is huge. Not only do you have friends sharing ideas […]

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Twitter Ads Scheduled Tweets

5 Ways To Use Scheduled Tweets

We recently wrote about the launch of Scheduled Tweets for Twitter Ads. So … what are some practical uses for it? Here are five ways to use Scheduled Tweets for Twitter Advertising. 1. Product Launches Have a product coming out soon? While you are planning your product launch you can setup a series of tweets […]

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2 Pros Of Twitter Advertising

If you haven’t started working with Twitter Advertising you may be wondering what the pros and cons are of using this platform to reach new customers, users or audience. If you are ready to jump in now, check out our guide on Getting Started with Twitter Advertising. Twitter Advertising Pros 1. It’s cheaper than other […]

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Twitter Advertising Costs

Since Twitter opened its ad platform to everyone, one of the biggest questions our readers have had are what Twitter advertising costs… Well hopefully this will shed some light on it and if you have any questions please leave us a comment. First off you should know the different kinds of campaigns that are available […]

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